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Carlos Cerezo Davila and Erin Heidelberger Speak at eLCAd 2023

On March 28th, KPF’s Environment Design Director and Environmental Performance Specialist each participated in events focused on the importance of using LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) for embodied carbon calculations in architecture.

Carlos joined the panel “Design for Environment,” where he discussed the benefits of integrating LCA into designs, as they address different facets that influence sustainability profiles of both the life cycle and the supply chain. Carlos used KPF retrofit projects as case studies of the topic, noting the current overlap between real estate value and carbon regulations. Learn more about Carlos’ event here.

Erin moderated “LCA Design for Students,” a workshop on how to effectively use LCA to design sustainably. Participants learned how to measure a project’s environmental impacts, tools used to simplify and integrate complex data into your design projects, and how LCA can immediately help designers and design students. Learn more about Erin’s event here.

2023 marked the third annual Environmental Life Cycle Assessment in Design conference (eLCAd), which was held virtually from March 28th to 30th. The event was organized by the New Jersey Institute of technology and the American Center for Life Cycle Assessment. Learn more about the conference here.

Last year, Erin attended the ACLCA conference to discuss integrating LCA into architectural education and bridging the gap between designers and LCA practitioners.