Event poster for Erin’s presentation on November 10th.

Event poster for Erin’s session on November 11th.

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Erin Heidelberger Presents Environmental Life Cycle Assessment Studies

During this year’s annual ACLCA conference, the KPF Environmental Performance Specialist discussed integrating LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) into architectural education and bridging the gap between designers and LCA practitioners.

On November 10th, Erin presented in the technical session, “Building Design,” based on her work titled, “Integrating LCA into Advanced Architectural Studio education through software interfaces.” The following day, Erin joined a special session for the eLCAd (environmental life cycle assessment in design) symposium that explored the key takeaways and next steps for eLCAd 2023.

The American Center for Life Cycle Assessment (ACLCA) is a nonprofit membership organization providing education, awareness, advocacy and communications to build capacity and knowledge of environmental LCA. The conference, which took place virtually from November 7th to 11th, included programming, networking, and meet-up opportunities focused on shaping the future of sustainability and celebrating the innovations, technologies, and practices transforming environmental sustainability. Learn more here.