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Brian Spring Speaks to a Delegation from Brazil with KES and the NLA

The KPF Director joined New London Architecture (NLA) for a delegation of 40 Brazil-based leaders in a session on innovation districts in London.

The delegation included C-suite leaders from companies such as banks, technology, retail, communication agencies, IT services, constructors, and investment companies, all keen to learn from London’s innovation case studies and to apply those lessons to their own organisations. Brian presented along with James Morgan, Director of Heyne Tillett Steel (HTS), followed by a Q&A led by the delegates.

Brian Spring is the senior designer for One North Quay, Europe’s largest commercial laboratory building, and 176-178 York Way, a proposed life science and technology building in Islington. The NLA have collaborated with Knowledge Exchange Sessions (KES), a Brazil-based organisation that investigates how new economies and disruptive technologies are impacting the future of business and transforming industries.