“How the iconic Jardine House led the evolution of Hong Kong’s Central district,” By Morning Studio.

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Bernard Chang Recounts Central Hong Kong’s Evolution as a Mixed-Use Central Business District

The KPF Principal was featured in a short film by the South China Morning Post’s Morning Studio about Hong Kong’s first skyscraper and the development of the city’s center.

The film focuses on Jardine House, originally called Connaught Centre following its opening in1973, which was Asia’s tallest skyscraper at the time and marked the birth of the city’s Central neighborhood. Though buildings grew in height around Jardine House, the project and its iconic circular windows remain a key figure in the urban fabric. Following KPF’s move into Jardine House in 2008, Bernard reflects on the development of Central and the features that make it a successful central business district (CBD)—primarily its stacking of programs including office, retail, government, and residential typologies.

“My favorite place within Central,” Bernard shared, “is Landmark Atrium… a CBD retail and public space environment.” Since 1996, KPF has been involved in the development of Central, including the transformation of the atrium space, updating the retail interiors, office lobbies, and restaurant terraces, as well as converting the lower portion of the Edinburgh Tower into a boutique Mandarin Oriental Hotel. The article states, “the phased completion of The Landmark and its office towers redefined Central as a place to not only do business, but also enjoy a premium lifestyle… The original building, now called Landmark Atrium, continues to be home to many flagship stores for global luxury brands as well as Grade A offices.” Additionally, the district is strengthened by an elaborate network of pedestrian bridges.

In closing, Bernard provided insight into how CBDs should evolve to meet the needs of tomorrow, “Embracing technology is very crucial as a global hub, and it includes implementing smart city measures that will enhance the business community and residents as well.”

Watch the full video from Morning Studio and read the article from South China Morning Post here.