Credit: H. G. Esch.

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Artnet Spotlights 505 Fifth Avenue’s James Turrell Lobby Installation

The outlet explored the expanding world of high-profile art commissions in corporate lobbies, including the meditative entry of a KPF-designed office in Midtown.

Although New York boasts some of the world’s most renowned museums, the city’s artwork is not limited to ticketed exhibitions; pieces by icons such as Jeff Koons and Jenny Holzer are available to view in the lobbies of corporate buildings all over town. In Artnet’s article on the most eye-catching lobby art, the outlet labeled James Turrell’s 2006 Plain Dress installation in 505 Fifth Avenue as the coolest on view. Artnet writes, “The meditative interior provides a sublime contrast to the traffic and bustle of Fifth Avenue, just outside the glass entrance doors.”

KPF collaborated with James Turrell on the lobby following a remark in the early design stage that a rendering of the space was reminiscent of the artist’s work. The client invited Turrell to collaborate and he transformed the lobby into a forced-perspective lightbox.

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