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Andy Christoforou Discusses AI Workflows on the Inflection Point Conversations Podcast

In the latest episode of the Michelle Obayda-hosted podcast, KPF’s Applied Research: Project Innovation Manager spoke about the origins of his interest in AI and how his team utilizes the newest technology.

Highlighting Andy’s presentation on regenerative AI at 3DNY Meetup last month, Michelle pointed out the audience’s interest in how architects and designers can leverage technology to augment traditional workflows. Andy shared background into his expertise, which began during his thesis research in college. His introduction to virtual reality was inspired by studying how gaming technology could be used for architecture. In his first role at a residential architecture firm, he was able to translate this VR experience, allowing the team to cut down their schematic phase feedback with the client from multiple weeks to one meeting by rendering the design in VR.

Andy began integrating AI into his visualization process a year and a half ago, he shared, in the infancy of Midjourney. Much of his process revolves around trial and error in testing what works in the studio. One popular use is the transformation of a simple Rhino model into a beautiful rendering through the utilization of Stable Diffusion and Midjourney, meaning less time is spent on modeling and rendering. “To give [designers] something they can use to reduce the tedium of their work is huge,” Andy shared. Continuing, he explained the workflow he and his team have developed that utilizes each tool to its best ability.

In the Inflection Point Conversations podcast, host Michelle Obayda invites experts in the fields of art, architecture, and design to investigate the inflection point in our industry today. Listen to Andy’s full episode here.