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Andy Christoforou Presents at 3DNY Meetup about Generative AI

On January 17, KPF’s Applied Research: Project Innovation Manager spoke about the future of architectural visualization and how generative AI is revolutionizing the industry.

Andy covered how this technology augments traditional workflows and changes the way architects and designers approach their work. As a registered architect and member of KPF’s Design Technology team, Andy is part of an interdisciplinary group of architects and designers with specialized skill sets who work with project teams to meet technology challenges and forge new workflows. This effort allows KPF’s visualizations to transcend the role of mere presentation tools and emerge as powerful catalysts for design exploration, communication, and collaboration.

3DNY is a networking event for professionals in the architectural visualization and visual effects industry. On the third Wednesday of every month, the group invites speakers to explore topics related to animation, AI, game design, metaverse technologies, traditional architecture, real estate trends, and excellence in interior design.

The event took place on January 17 from 7 to 10pm at 129 Orchard Street. Learn more here.