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Affordable Housing at 5 World Trade Center is Shaping New York, Says ULI

Urban Land, the organization’s magazine, showcased the KPF-designed mixed-use tower as one of five upcoming projects that aim to address the city’s housing crisis.

While there is a nationwide need for affordable housing, the demand continues to rise while the supply struggles to keep up. In “Five Affordable Housing Developments Shaping New York City,” Urban Land highlights standout projects “that not only provide much needed affordable housing for residents but also are designed to be energy efficient and sustainable…[that] offer a glimpse of what the future of affordable housing might look and feel like.”

Approved by New York State last fall, 5 World Trade Center will designate 30% of its 1,200 apartments as affordable, with 80 units reserved for individuals who were living or working in Lower Manhattan during 9/11 as well as first responders.

The building’s residential floors are organized as vertical neighborhoods around shared amenities. Additionally, the project includes 190,000 square feet of retail and office space, and a pedestrian bridge at the podium level that links to Liberty Park. The tower is clad in a complementary palette of glass and masonry and is designed for high energy efficiency, with minimized thermal bridging, superior insulation, and an air infiltration barrier.

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