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105 Victoria Street Earns BREEAM Excellent Rating

The new development accommodates offices and retail in a sustainable, mixed-use hub for London’s Victoria district.

KPF’s design for 105 Victoria Street was recently assessed for a BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) rating, which resulted in the office portion of the building earning a 91% or “Outstanding” rating and the retail spaces earning 77% or “Very Good.” The project, which will provide highest-quality office spaces for future-oriented companies alongside a retail-focused community hub, employs multiple innovative strategies to reduce whole life carbon.

The highly energy efficient design is characterized by a façade that incorporates passive design elements to manage solar gain and reduce energy demand while optimizing daylight access for occupants. Detailed thermal modeling was used to determine the ratio of solid wall to vision areas of each side, while projecting elements were optimized to reduce material use while maximizing shade. A high-performance system of louvers and vents integrated into the façade units allows for mixed-mode ventilation and free cooling.

Additionally, the project makes use of recycled and repurposed building materials to reduce embodied carbon. A pre-demolition assessment of the existing building found that the structure’s foundation could be reused, eliminating a large quantity of waste and emissions. During demolition, 98% of non-hazardous material waste was diverted away from landfills, and new material for construction will be largely made from recycled content. A high percentage of cement replacement in pre-cast concrete planks and a large proportion of recycled material in steel structural components and aluminum façade elements will minimize embodied carbon emissions of new materials.

105 Victoria Street also scored points in the BREEAM assessment for its urban greening strategy. The design provides for a rooftop urban farm, as well as extensive greenery on terraces as well as public greenspace on the ground level. In addition to providing a welcome urban amenity, these components help reduce stormwater runoff and the urban heat island effect.

KPF Principal Ko Makabe recently walked Victoria magazine through the building’s green features; read that story here.