United States Embassy Cyprus

The American Embassy in Cyprus establishes the typological ideal organization of an embassy as Chancery and Ambassador’s Residence, expressing these functions as independent elements within an overall framework.

Located in a residential suburb of Nicosia, the capital city of Cyprus, the Embassy’s design is informed by the circumstantial conditions imposed by the site’s geometry, scale, and character and respects restrictions set by the adjacent monastery, the city of Nicosia, and the U.S. State Department.

The compound’s perimeter serves as a separate building, with a motor pool and security command posts. The zone between this outer layer and the buildable area within is designed as a series of exterior rooms, transitioning from architectural and formal to landscaped and informal, thereby reflecting the hierarchy of spaces from public to private. The Chancery’s protracted rectilinear mass addresses the main boulevard, presenting a stately front that mediates between its modern and traditional context.

The Residence is safely nestled at the core of the site, orienting itself toward the adjacent olive grove and monastery. This building’s configuration is sliced open, physically uniting its courtyard and garden. A cylindrical element housing the residential entry hall and library resolves the intersection of the Chancery and the Ambassador’s Residence by hinging the opposing grids in plan.

The building features high-tech equipment, electronic shielding, extensive security requirements, bombproof walls and windows (limiting glass areas to 15% of the wall surface), and courtyards which prohibit cars within the walled Embassy grounds.


Nicosia, Cyprus


U.S. Department of State


Cioppa Rosen Associates (Interior Designer)


Civic + Cultural


7,000 m2 / 75,000 ft2

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Project Type:Civic + Cultural
Project Location:Europe