One Raffles Link

This seven-story ‘Modi Building’ is not common in Singapore. In Singapore, most office buildings are towers. One Raffles Link is an iconic office building designed to meet the needs of today’s high-tech financial services companies. KPF designed a large-span column-free office floor for One Raffles Link, which fits the city’s growing financial services industry.

The geographical location of One Raffles Link is very significant. It is located in the center of Singapore’s waterfront area, facing Singapore’s main north-south highway, Nicoll Expressway, and offers panoramic views of the famous Singapore Government Grassland (Padang) and Singapore Port in the south. On the east is Binhai City-a commercial area built on reclaimed land; on the west is the government building area, where there are the Parliament, the Supreme Court and St Andrew’s Cathedral; on the south is the Central Business District; To the north is the International Sun-Tec Convention Center (International Sun-Tec Convention Center).

The City Hall MRT Station (City Hall MRT Station), which is reached through a 492-foot (150-meter) underground retail commercial corridor, is a key element of the entire urban planning. One Raffles Link will also connect Esplanade Theaters, convention centers, Marina Square hotel, office buildings and retail business districts.

One Raffles Link will play a dual role: to make the government building area more complete; to make Binhai City a multi-functional area integrating offices, hotels and retail malls. The government building is composed of historically famous low-rise buildings, giving people a solemn and solemn feeling. The design of the project is in harmony with the surrounding landscape. A rigorously designed curtain wall corresponds to the war memorial to the west, and to the east is the abstract modern art museum in the coastal area. The two contrasting parts are balanced by the roof spanning above: the roof on the west is a static barrel dome, while the dynamic triangular louvered roof on the east covers the roof on the west. The triangular pillars at the north corner make the structure of the two roofs more coordinated and balanced.




Hong Kong Land


Liang Peddle Thorp (Assistant architect)


Mixed-Use, Office, Retail


30,800 m2 / 330,900 ft2


Excellence Award: Large Office Winner (Urban Land Research Institute, 2002)

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Project Type:Mixed-Use
Project Location:Asia Pacific