CTF Finance Centre Sky Lobby

Designed as a communal space for K11 Atelier office tenants, the sky lobby at the CTF Finance Centre provides a stunning, nature-inspired, double-height space to casually meet, collaborate, or take a break from the work day within the eighth-tallest building in the world.

The sky lobby occupies the KPF-designed supertall tower’s 41st and 42nd floors, offering views of the surrounding Guangzhou skyline. To encourage informal meetings and create a relaxing ambiance, the design takes inspiration from a library, with bookshelves encasing the structure’s mega-columns.

Despite the imposing size of these eight columns, KPF’s design solution – with bookshelves on one side – breaks down the scale of the space and gives definition to an otherwise flat surface. A sawtooth design element with a mirror finish is used on the other two surfaces and throughout the sky lobby in various forms. This approach visually lightens the columns and invites reflections from the surrounding natural materials, while echoing the tower’s exterior podium wall and terracotta curtain wall details. Wood, limestone and a wood-patterned metal ceiling bring warmth into the space.

The south-facing sky lobby is oriented to take advantage of the maximum amount of daylight, which, when complemented by the generous ceiling height, creates the feeling of an indoor-outdoor amenity. Area rugs with organic, nature-inspired patterns further bring the outdoors into the space, while carefully selected furniture at varying heights facilitates a broad range of activities and interactions. The lounge can be reconfigured to accommodate events, receptions, or small exhibitions.


Guangzhou, China


New World Development Company


Interiors, Mixed-Use, Office

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Project Type:Interiors
Project Location:Asia Pacific