Chongqing Financial Street

The project is located in the commercial center of the city, and the developer hopes that the project can become the ‘Wall Street’ in western China.

Preparations for the construction of this huge project in Chongqing are underway. The name of the project is ‘Commercial Street’, which is very appropriate because the project will occupy the entire street on Wuyi Road. The project is located in a relatively small plot of 800 meters by 500 meters in Jiefangbei District, but this will be a densely populated urban area in western China.

The planning and design proposal includes seven skyscrapers, standing on both sides of the central boulevard, connected by green spaces. These buildings are connected by a network of pedestrian bridges and underground passages.

These buildings are inserted into the existing building complex, the height of the building ranges from 180 meters to 350 meters, and the highest spire reaches 400 meters. Once completed, it will provide 900,000 square meters of usable space.

As a multi-purpose project, its total area is allocated as follows: 130,000 square meters as hotel (including boutique hotels and luxury hotel service apartments) area, 170,000 square meters of commercial area and 600,000 square meters of office area.


Chongqing, China


Chongqing Financial Street Real Estate Company


Planning + Urban Design


618,000 m2 / 7,300,000 ft2

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