Enrique Ramos Melgar




Master of Architecture,
University College London, Bartlett
Bachelor of Architecture,
University of Seville

Enrique has worked on some of the firm’s most inspirational projects, covering a broad range of sectors with a focus on complex mixed-use developments. Having lived and practiced in Spain, France, Canada, and the UK Enrique is fluent in Spanish and French. This is fundamental to his understanding of architecture and the importance of cultural diversity.

He has a particular interest in designing large urban projects that positively contribute to their city. The design of Beijing Century City, an office building, and an adjacent residential tower connect the surrounding city to a new park at the heart of the development, adding social and environmental value to the project, exceeding client and end-user expectations.

Enrique strives to find synergies that ensure the interests of the client, the environment, and the city are aligned. At a project in Lisbon, Enrique and the team pushed the brief to its limits and designed urban streets connecting two parts of the city that had been disconnected for decades. The team also re-introduced a historical marketplace to ensure that the area would be lively throughout the day and year. Not only did it go above and beyond to fulfill the client’s goal, but it also surpassed the city’s requirements.

As part of KPF’s internal Design and Sustainability Committees, Enrique is embedding the implementation of sustainability throughout all phases of the design process, especially the early stages when design choices have the greatest impact on the environmental performance of the building. He has a strong background in technology and managing complex geometries and believes technological innovation is key to helping us tackle the climate emergency.