Credit: Kevin Scott.

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Trent Tesch Leads Tour of Heron for Tampa Bay Design Week

The KPF Principal gave a behind-the-scenes tour of the residential project in Water Street, providing insight into the team’s design approach and material selection.

As the Design Principal of the project, Trent recounted how the team found early inspiration for the development in the natural structure and vibrancy of Florida’s coral reefs. This resulted in a pair of sibling towers: one lifted at its entry by a sculptural tree column, and both offering wrap-around balconies that add an organic pattern to the structure. Marking the beginning of the city’s famed Riverwalk, Heron features over 400 residential units, complemented by amenities including a rooftop pool, as well as a retail podium between the two towers that houses a grocery market and restaurants. At the podium level, perforated metal screens shield the open-air parking and are subtly angled to catch the light and animate the façade.

The tour was held on April 16 from 5:30 to 7 pm, followed by a happy hour. Tampa Bay Design Week began in 2014 and features tours, presentations, films, and other events dedicated to exposing the community to design. The full celebration ran from April 12 to 21. Learn more here.