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Paul Katz/KPF Fellowship Reception Honors Student Research Abroad

Organized by the Urban Design Forum and sponsored by KPF, the reception allowed the 2016 and 2017 Paul Katz Fellows to report on their international work and travel.

Hosted at the Harvard Club of New York, the event gathered a diverse audience, from KPF professionals, to Urban Design Forum Fellows, to Paul Katz’s friends and family, to honor his work and better the future of our cities.  

Established in 2014, the KPF/Paul Katz Fellowship assists international students in their pursuit of studying issues of global urbanism. Five schools at which Paul studied or taught are able to nominate graduating Masters of Architecture students for the grant. In 2016, Shayari De Silva (Yale) and Peng Wang (Penn) performed their research in Tokyo. In 2017, Carly Dickson (Harvard) and Ryan Roark (Princeton) performed their research in London.

KPF President Jamie von Klemperer introduced the event, followed by remarks from Jonathan Katz, Paul’s son who works for the City of New York. After each Fellow presented, von Klemperer engaged in conversation with New London Architecture’s Peter Murray and SO-IL’s Florian Idenburg, reflecting on lessons for New York City urbanism from Tokyo and London.

Paul Katz was the Managing Principal and President of KPF from 2009 to 2014. His career focused on the realization of large, complex, mixed-use projects in high-density, center-city locations. Projects he helped bring to life include Roppongi Hills in Tokyo; Canary Wharf in London; Hudson Yards in New York; the expansion of Covent Garden and redevelopment of Earls Court in London; and the renovation of The Landmark complex in Central, Hong Kong.