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KPF Participates in Neighborhoods Now Two-Part Summit

At the “Strategies for Reopening and Recovery” event on October 7, KPF presented their work in collaboration with Bed-Stuy Restoration.

Neighborhoods Now launched in June 2020 as a joint effort between the Urban Design Forum and the Van Alen Institute to connect neighborhoods in New York City greatly impacted by the pandemic with design firms to develop safe and effective reopening strategies. The initiative brings together architects, engineers, lawyers, planners, and community health experts.

The second part of the two-day summit featured six groups and their community development partners as they reflected on their process and strategies for designing areas that aid in neighborhood recovery. KPF’s group includes AE Superlab, Farzana Gandhi Design Studio, James Corner Field Operations, and JB&B, and their community partner, Bud-Stuy Restoration. The group’s proposal reimagines Fulton street to create an inviting public space with connecting corridors to existing plazas and repurposed lots. The groups also discussed their plans moving forward and their goals creating for interdisciplinary recovery programs.

The event took place on October 7 at 11 am EDT. Learn more about the event here.