Neesha shares Ferrari World, a project she contributed to.

Neesha laughs with KPF+ London members.

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Neesha Gopal Discusses Diversity in Engineering, Architecture, and Development

In honor of Women’s History Month, KPF+ invited the Lendlease Head of Façades to share her work in the industry.

A believer in lifelong learning, Neesha has worked for decades in small and large firms as an architect, designing her first building in 1989. After a successful early career in architecture, she decided to return to school to get a master’s degree in engineering. “Every day is a school day. That’s my mantra,” she said. Despite setbacks, she earned her degree, and continued to work—now with a trio of skills in architecture, engineering, and construction.

Now working at Lendlease, Neesha leads a team of façade experts prioritizing sustainability to meet aggressive carbon emissions targets. Neesha is active within the industry as a member of the Technical Committee at the Centre for Window and Cladding Technology, and a Board Member of the Society of Façade Engineering. She supports initiatives to expand diversity in construction, including taking part as an Ambassador for Women in Construction and as a judge for the Women in Construction and Engineering Awards. Her advice to women starting in the industry is to always be honest, don’t be afraid to question how things are, and always know you are equal. In her words, “It’s not just about getting the opportunity. It’s about taking the opportunity.”

This is one of several programs and events led by KPF+ in honor of Women’s History Month. For International Women’s Day, the group invited Julia Gamolina, Founder of Madame Architect, to share the story of her online platform.