For the LFA’s 30 Objects in 30 Days, 30 leading architects, designers, curators, writers, journalists and leading thinkers were asked to nominate one object that they feel represents power and architecture.

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Mustafa Chehabeddine Participates in the London Festival of Architecture’s ’30 Objects’

The KPF Principal nominated the lift – or elevator – in the ‘30 Objects’ series for the London Festival of Architecture (LFA).

The theme for this year’s Festival is ‘Power’ and Mustafa noted the lift has been a piece of technology that has changed cityscapes around the world, empowering architects and engineers to reach for the sky, changing the value of property and increasing urban density.

Since its inception in 2004, the LFA has become the world’s largest architecture festival, it runs throughout June each year and celebrates London as a global hub for architecture. This year the LFA has gone digital, find about more about forthcoming events, and see the full series of ’30 Objects’ here.