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London’s Largest Painting: Stig Evans and John Bushell on One Crown Place

As part of the London Festival of Architecture, artist Stig Evans discussed his work, as a painter and restorer, from the scale of the canvas to the canvas of the city.

In conversation with John Bushell, Design Principal at KPF, Stig discussed his work including the restoration of historic paintings for the Royal Pavilion in Brighton, to his own paintings and public art, culminating in the recently completed One Crown Place in Hackney. Restoration, painting and public art feed into one another. The facades of One Crown Place refer to Constable’s Sky Studies, with screen-printed panels matching and contrasting with the sky as the day passes to create a kinetic experience.

Stig’s work exemplifies this year’s festival theme of ‘care’. Restoration and conservation is how we demonstrate our care for artifacts and cultural heritage. At a larger scale, by making extraordinary and beautiful objects and buildings that are embedded in the local topography it creates an awareness of environment and sense of place and encourages us to care about the places where we live and work.