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KPFui Rethinks Temporal Zoning in High-Density Areas

For a recent proposal to the Urban Design Forum, the KPF Urban Interface team leveraged their in-house web application “Open Businesses” to study urban density and rethink time-based zoning regulations in New York City.

The KPFui team, directed by Luc Wilson, uses data from their recently developed web application “Open Businesses” to encourage time-based planning. The urban data explorer can help users find relationships between business opening hours, the built environment, city regulations, and demographic data to better understand, for example, the amount of active commercial space at a particular time of day.

In their proposal, Wilson and the KPFui team assert, “Temporal zoning promises the more efficient use of our city and better accommodation of future growth. Spreading activity throughout the day gets more capacity out of our transit system, our public spaces, and our sidewalks. 24-hour neighborhoods can produce safer streets, shortened commutes, and a more equitable distribution of jobs.” This analytical approach to urban planning emphasizes KPF’s leadership within data-driven architecture and design.

More information about the design proposal and KPFui application can be found here. To explore KPFui’s full suite of tools, click here.