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KPF’s Innovative Design Technology Lauded by Rhino3Dzine

The educational magazine featured KPF for its unwavering commitment to design innovation, recognizing the firm for its architectural excellence and its ever-evolving approach to new technology.

With its boundary-pushing designs and renowned projects worldwide, what enables KPF’s consistent success, Rhino3Dzine argues, is its expertise in design technology and its in-house application of these methods. By not only maintaining proficiency in new programs and tools, but also working to develop them further, KPF stays on the cutting edge of innovation.

The magazine points to Grasshopper as a prime example of the firm’s commitment. Impeded by the limited accessibility of the scripts, KPF developed its own Rhino plugin called Toucan to equip every designer with Grasshopper’s functionality. By utilizing the technology to augment the firm’s internal capabilities, the design process is streamlined, allowing KPF to produce beautiful, high-performance buildings with greater efficiency and precision.

Integrating technology workflows, holistic planning methods, and algorithmic tools across design platforms is just the baseline of KPF’s dedication to excellence. This proactive approach toward the evolving world of innovation and technology makes them one of the most dominant firms in the industry. “The relentless pursuit of innovation ingrained in its DNA” is what makes KPF the design powerhouse that it is, reports Rhino3Dzine.

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