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KPF Unveils Design for Azrieli Tower

The 340-meter tower will be the tallest building in Tel Aviv upon its completion.

The firm is pleased to share its design for the Azrieli Tower, which will become the apex of the renowned Azrieli Center, introduce a vibrant mix of uses to the city’s business district, and energize the skyline with its unique, aspirational form.

Working with the Azrieli Group and MZA, KPF paid thoughtful attention to the composition of the larger complex, which includes a trio of perfectly square, circular and triangular towers. An elongated circle in plan, the new tower’s elliptical footprint references this purist geometry, respecting the architecture of its neighbors while establishing a dynamic, new identity.

In formal profile, the tower takes the form of a spiraling scroll weaving around the existing retail base and towers at the ground level. Further up in the composition, the façade wraps around the shaft of the new tower, narrowing as it ascends to create optimal office floorplates and scaled to accommodate residential and hotel functions with a large event space at the top.

James von Klemperer, KPF President and Design Principal, elaborates on the scheme: “The design allows us to unify the urban precinct of the Azrieli Center with the new tower. The spiraling façade appears to drape elegantly around the structure of both tower and base. As it embraces the existing complex, it unifies the four towers into a single composition. The objective is to further invigorate this urban cluster, underscoring its importance as one of the most vital epicenters of Tel Aviv.”

Overall, the mixed-use building will integrate 65,000 square meters of office, 17,000 square meters of residential, 15,000 square meters of hotel, and 15,000 square meters of retail space. Near its pinnacle, the tower will include a public space for gathering and entertainment. As the city’s tallest building, the Azrieli Tower will offer unparalleled views of Tel Aviv, from its historic neighborhoods and the Mediterranean Sea to Jerusalem on a clear day.

Download renderings of the project and experience its architecture in 360 degrees in virtual reality or on a phone, tablet, or computer.

This project represents a significant step in establishing Tel Aviv’s architecture on an international stage by introducing KPF’s expertise to a rapidly developing urban area. In addition, the high density site incorporates multiple nodes of public transportation, including a future high-speed rail line to Jerusalem, a metro rail and a new subway under construction, and a system of bike lanes and designated bike spaces.

Upon its completion, the tower will join KPF’s portfolio of iconic supertalls, including the tallest buildings in cities like Paris (Tour First), Seoul (Lotte World Tower), Beijing (CITIC Tower) and Shenzhen (Ping An Finance Centre). These and other KPF projects, such as the International Commerce Centre in Hong Kong and the Shanghai World Financial Center, represent shifts in the tall building paradigm that include achievements in height, design, and engineering. In this regard, the Azrieli Tower carries on KPF’s success designing buildings that become symbols of culture and commerce for their respective metropoles.