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KPF President James von Klemperer on panel for 4th Nobel Laureates Symopsium on Global Sustainability

The symposium, drawing scientists and civic leaders from all over the world, focused on issues of urban sustainability.

Kohn Pedersen Fox President James von Klemperer recently participated in the 4th Nobel Laureates Symopsium on Global Sustainability. The event draws Nobel Laureates, scientists, and civic leaders from all over the world, with the intention of gathering experts across a range of disciplines who provide unique expertise on a subject that is often contentiously debated. It was an honor to be invited to speak. The theme for this year’s event was ‘4C: Changing Climate, Changing Cities’, focusing on the future of human settlements in urban regions and issues of urban sustainability. The conference, hosted along with the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, was in Hong Kong for its first year ever in Asia. Mr. von Klemperer provided an architect’s perspective on the first steps for cities towards meeting climate change and sustainability challenges, and spoke alongside the Nobel Prize-winning chemist Mario J. Molina; Mary Ritter, CEO of the EU’s primary climate innovation initiative; and Roger Dennis, founder of Sensing City.