Ziraat Bank Headquarters, Istanbul. Credit: Tom Spall.

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KPF Presents Ziraat Bank Headquarters at the CTBUH 2024 Europe Conference

KPF Principal Mustafa Chehabeddine shared the design of Ziraat Bank Headquarters at the CTBUH 2024 Europe Conference in Turkey.

Ziraat Bank Headquarters was the primary venue for this year’s CTBUH Conference. Mustafa started the day with a presentation on the design of the  building. Later in the conference, a tour of the building was led by KPF Associate Principal Tugba Ilhan and Mert Yanasik, Quality Assurance and Control Chief of Turner. Participants gained insights into the advanced engineering and design technologies used in the construction of the towers and the stand-alone auditorium.

Ziraat Bank Headquarters, designed by KPF, is the centre piece of the new Istanbul International Financial Center (IIFC). The separate, but interconnected, office towers rise to 40 and 46 storeys and are united by the podium. Designed to support employee wellbeing, the double-height atria encourage social interaction across floors. The atrium is characterised by the free-standing, pebble-shaped auditorium, designed as double-curved stone exterior shell and constructed using advanced CNC technology. Ziraat Bank Headquarters illustrates the value of craft in construction and draws upon the rich cultural heritage and historic features of Istanbul. The development was recognised as a 2023 CTBUH Award of Excellence  in the Construction winner.

This year’s CTBUH Europe Conference, Future-Fit Cities: Safer, Adaptive Density in a Changing Era, was a regional gathering of CTBUH leaders and industry decision makers which explores the obstacles and opportunities facing European cities today.  Find out more and register for the event here.