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KPF Condemns Anti-Asian Racism

From the KPF Principals:

Dear members of the KPF community, collaborators, and friends,

The recent killings in Atlanta and broader manifestations of hate against Asians, Asian Americans, and Pacific Islanders have left us feeling shocked and threatened. In the past year, senseless blame for the pandemic, racial slurs, and other forms of overt and implicit bias have been stirred up by cynical leaders. Following on the heels of the George Floyd murder, our country has been beset by a deplorable wave of racism and xenophobia.

All of us at KPF must stand together to condemn this climate of discrimination. First, we will make sure that we are safe and feel safe. Anyone who feels threatened, or even experiences a sense of angst, should reach out to colleagues to share their thoughts. KPF will be arranging counseling for any staff members who would like professional help.

We support a number of Asian American cultural organizations (among them Asia Society, Japan Society, Korea Society, the Museum of Chinese in America, and the Hong Kong Association of New York) and commit to do our best to engage in their anti-racist campaigns.

KPF is a family, and an affront to any member of our world community is an attack on us all. We condemn racism in all of its forms and advocate for a world that is fair to everyone.