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KPF Celebrates Pride 2022

June’s celebrations, led by KPF Pride, included a design competition and fundraising efforts, attending programs by Build Out Alliance, and social and educational events across the firm’s offices.

KPF Pride is the firm’s LGBTQIA+ community group, and each year the committee hosts events throughout June in honor of Pride month. This year kicked off with the fourth annual logo competition, a call across the firm’s global offices for staff to submit entries and vote on a design to be featured on pins and t-shirts. Proceeds from the purchase of these items will be donated to OutRight Action International, as KPF expresses its solidarity with LGBTQIA+ Ukrainian refugees from the ongoing conflict in the country.

2022’s logo winner, Jianwei Shi, is a Designer from KPF’s New York office. Jianwei shared the inspiration behind his design, noting, “The hugging letters of different colors suggest that, as different and unique individuals, we radiate our specialness, and we embrace each other’s specialness. We cherish our own identity, and we champion each other’s identities. We are ourselves, and we are together!”

KPF also attended a tour hosted by Build Out Alliance, “Under the High Line: Chelsea Walking Tour.” Led by Kyle Supley, the tour explored the areas beneath the High Line and discussed the West Chelsea neighborhood’s industrial past, its gay history, and its transformation into a modern cultural hub. View images from the event here.

The KPF Makerspace developed and printed a 3-D model in honor of Pride month, building a miniature Midtown Manhattan in the colors of Pride.

The month closed with a presentation from guest speaker Adam Nathaniel Furman. The London office hosted Adam, while the New York office tuned in via a live watch party. Adam, a British artist and designer of Argentine and Japanese heritage, works in spatial design and art of all scales. Adam titled their talk “Joyful Deviance,” as a nod to their journey pushing against a not-always-friendly context within the architectural scene. Adam’s development of a formal, aesthetic, and material language is one that speaks of their politics, identity, and hopes for the future of public and domestic spaces. Learn more about Adam’s work here.

About KPF Pride

Comprised of a cross section of the KPF community, KPF Pride works together to raise awareness of LGBTQ+ issues within the firm in ways that inform design thinking. The group meets regularly to discuss topics related to inclusivity in design and organizes educational tours and outings, schedules guest speakers and panel discussions, and hosts charitable social events within the office. KPF Pride also supports LGBTQ+ members of the architectural, engineering, and construction community through a partnership with Build Out Alliance.