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KPF Technology Specialists Present at AEC Tech 2021

Seven KPF experts participated in technical workshops, an all-night hackathon, and a closing symposium as part of the virtual conference, sharing insights about the firm’s global innovation teams and digital design workflows.

To kick off the first day of the technical workshop on July 8th, Brandon Pachuca of KPFui and Ping-Hsiang Chen of KPF’s Applied Research Team lead a workshop about utilizing Rhino.Compute API to facilitate quick analysis and heavy computational workflows for better designs.

On July 9th, Aniket Dikshit and Alex Wilson of KPF’s Digital Practice Team showcased how to utilize Rhino.Inside.Revit to generate efficient workflows for creating and optimizing curtain wall panels.

As part of the symposium on July 12th, KPF’s Cobus Bothma, Luc Wilson, and Nicholas Desbiens presented a talk on distributed design intelligence, focusing on how KPF is broadening the impact of specialist knowledge across the firm’s global practice.

Sign up for all three events took place here.

Created in 2013, AEC Tech strives to offer the most enriching workshops in the latest technologies; engage industry leaders; and provide a forum for project growth, development, and networking. By serving as a space where creative minds can devise new technologies, acquire skills and make new connections, AEC Tech is helping build an open community of knowledge sharing to promote industry progression and enhance collaboration and communication. Read more here.

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