A slide from Justyna’s presentation.

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Justyna Szychowska Presents at Digital Design Community Winter Forum

The KPF Senior Software Developer presented on the benefits of Rhino.Compute at a Grasshopper User Group event held at KPF’s office.

In her presentation “Why We Love Rhino.Compute,” Justyna showcased KPF’s in-house developed tools that leverage Rhino.Compute technology. These tools help better analyze models for views and shadows in seconds without using advanced tools like Grasshopper.

The evening event included additional presentations by Ennead Architect’s Director of Computational Design on bespoke façade generation, and a group from SHoP Architects spoke about interactive visualization. Following the presentations, the speakers participated in a discussion panel and audience Q&A session. Andrew Haas, Founder + Organizer of Digital Design Community, moderated the event.

The Grasshopper User Group event, held on January 18 at KPF’s New York Office, was hosted by the Digital Design Community. Learn more here.