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John Bushell Nominates the Air-Quality Monitor for the LFA’s 30 Objects in 30 Days

London Festival of Architecture (LFA) invited a selection of leading figures to nominate one object that they feel best represents ‘care’ and architecture – and share a video explaining why.

John nominated the air-quality monitor. Starting with the air-quality monitors installed in the KPF offices, John explained how, at the simplest level, they represent the care we have for our colleagues. The monitors are part of an experiment to measure how our space performs in terms of comfort, air quality and efficiency. Results from this experiment are helping us to improve the office environment and informing the design of the projects we’re working on. On a larger scale, the air-quality monitor represents several important linked topics: wellness, covid and the climate emergency. All intimately linked with the way we use air in our buildings. Watch the full video above.

Since its inception in 2004, the LFA has become the world’s largest architecture festival, it runs throughout June each year and celebrates London as a global hub for architecture. Find out more here.