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Joel Peterson Delivers Keynote at AEC TalentMax

On May 2, KPF’s Global Director of HR presented insight into how HR teams in the architecture, engineering, and construction industries can lead through challenging times.

In his presentation “And…NOW What?” Joel shared 10 talent management takeaways from an AEC HR team pushing through unprecedented upheaval. As far back as the 1900s, when the first personnel management department was created at the National Cash Register Company, human resources has been a complex yet essential component of a business.  World events, however social or political, do not change the need for a company to recruit, retain, develop, and reward employees, but they do require businesses to be nimble if they are to adapt and respond to changing times. Joel’s keynote closed out the first day of the conference, beginning at 4 pm.

PSMJ Resources, Inc. is a leading publishing, executive education, and advisory group devoted completely to improving the business performance of AEC organizations worldwide. The Talent Max conference took place at the Opal Sands Resort in Clearwater Beach, Florida from May 1 to 3. Learn more here.