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Joe Brennan Showcases a Practitioner’s Toolbox with ULI New York

A Senior Computational Designer at KPF, Joe led a demo on March 28, where he provided insight into how generative AI is being used in the field today.

“AI and Real Estate,” an event hosted by ULI NY and EY, was an interactive session where leaders from across the land use industry shared how they are using generative AI in their work. Joe demonstrated application uses through case studies with a focus on open space and sightline data capture, as well as design and construction assessments. Following his presentation, a panel explored current and potential uses that can be deployed today, along with potential disruptions and solutions in advancing everyday work.

Joe was joined by panelists Karen Hollinger, Managing Director at KKR Capstone and Mike O’Leary, Chief Financial Officer at RXR Realty. Umar Riaz, Managing Director at EY, moderated the event.

The event was hosted by the Urban Land Institute’s New York chapter and was held on March 28 from 8 to 10 am at EY’s office at One Manhattan West, 395 9th Avenue. Learn more and register here.

Following the event, CoStar published the article “Real Estate Industry Increasingly Relies on Artificial Intelligence,” sharing some of Joe’s insight into KPF’s use of generative AI. With a goal of building in-house custom generative AI tools, Joe told the outlet,  “Humans are really good at recognizing beauty and seeing beauty, and computers are really good at iterating and calculating things. [Things like] counting or testing or analyzing, we want computers to do that stuff. And things that are more high-level design tasks or more creative tasks, we leave that up to the designers. … [AI] lets architects focus more just on the design process.” Read the full article here.