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Joe Brennan Presents at Advancing Computational Building Design

On February 22, the KPF Senior Computational Designer shared tips on how to construct and lead a team that works holistically to define and achieve project goals.

Joe’s case study looked at how the KPF team applied computational scripts to multiple design disciplines to fully optimize cost savings and design outcomes. He touched on the technical requirements needed from a multi-disciplinary design team, utilizing skills beyond architecture, including leveraging a team comprised of multiple stakeholders and working together in a highly collaborative environment. Joe’s event took place on day two of the conference as part of Track A, beginning at 1:30 PM. Learn more.

The Advancing Computational Building Design conference gathers industry leaders to share insight into how to utilize cutting-edge computational workflows to revolutionize digital design at both speed and scale. Learn more about the event hosted by Advancing Construction, which tok place at the Renaissance Dallas Hotel in Texas from February 21 to 23, here.