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James von Klemperer Speaks to Architectural Record on Racial Justice

The KPF President discussed the firm’s diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts and racial inequality in the architecture sphere.

In the year since George Floyd’s murder, Architectural Record reports that DEI in the workplace has become a priority for many architecture firms. KPF joined some of the largest architecture firms in the nation to discuss how firms have endeavored to improve recruitment practices and mentorship opportunities to better support Black/indigenous/people of color (BIPOC).

On the topic of mentorship, von Klemperer stated, “We know that mentoring goes both ways. We have a lot to learn from the experts and scholars who have spent their lives studying racial discrimination and the systems that have led to the unacceptable lack of equity in our society today.”

Over the past year, KPF has committed to addressing these issues throughout the firm’s culture, practice, and operations, engaging an outside DEI consultant who has helped shape the firm’s CSR Charter. Moving forward, the firm will continue to report progress toward goals as KPF expands these efforts to meet the challenges to equity throughout the design and construction industries.

Read the full article from Architectural Recordhere. Learn about KPF Public, the firm’s platform launched in August 2020 to address racial and social inequality, here.