Hudson Commons. Credit H.G. Esch.

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James von Klemperer Addresses Changes in Post-Pandemic Workplace Design

In an article published by Architectural Record, the KPF President noted that clients are now prioritizing amenities and access to outdoor space to improve the health of employees.

In the piece, titled “The Office of the Future,” part of the magazine’s Continuing Education series, author James S. Russell notes that as numerous businesses return to the office this fall, architects are rethinking the design of the workplace by prioritizing settings that boost morale and allow for informal teamwork.

von Klemperer observes, “Before the pandemic, we were hearing from tech clients about the importance of access to outdoors. Now outdoor space is a priority for the whole real-estate brokerage community.”

He notes the success of KPF-designed Hudson Commons, now the Peloton Headquarters, which repositions a former warehouse into Class-A office space featuring lushly planted outdoor space for tenants. KPF is carefully taking note of the evolving workplace to set a precedent for its future design.

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