Image courtesy of Su Zhewei.

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HONY Center Wins 2021 Lumen Award

The KPF-designed headquarters for Hony Capital was honored with an Award of Merit in the 53rd annual IESNYC Lumen Awards.

Hony Center spans two blocks in Shenzhens’s Financial District, and is comprised of two connected glass and stone towers. The headquarter project was recognized for its clever use of lighting design to emphasize the tower’s warm-toned façade and use of contrasting materials.Lighting on the façade varies to create a unique effect that changes based on one’s viewing angle. On one building, lighting strips on the glass certain wall create the illusion of a golden stone tower at night. On the other side, vertical lights to accentuate the tower’s northern stone façade. The project’s lighting design was done in partnership with Tillotsen Design Architects.

The Illuminating Engineering Society of New York City created the Lumen awards in 1968 with the purpose to recognize the world’s most innovative lighting designs. Learn more about the award here.