One North Quay, London. Credit: Kiasm.

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Elie Gamburg Presents at the NLA Innovation Summit

The KPF Principal will present “The Role of Architects in Creating Successful and Inclusive Innovation Districts” at the NLA’s first Innovation Summit.

Traditionally, life-science research was found in edge-of-town locations, but innovation districts and life science buildings are now being developed in city centres. In his presentation, Elie will explore the challenge for architects and urbanists to provide the type and volume of space needed, whilst anticipating changes of use as districts mature and evolve. He will also discuss the importance of social diversity and the need to facilitate the serendipitous encounters and interdisciplinary exchanges that lead to innovation.

Chair of the NLA’s Innovation District Expert Panel, Elie brings a global perspective to the topic, based on his work in the UK, US, and Asia.

The Innovation Summit builds on previous NLA research ‘Innovation Districts: Designing Inclusive Places’ and will invite industry leaders to provide annual updates on key sectors including life sciences, tech, education, and healthcare in the capital.

The summit will be held at the Guildhall in the City of London on April 24. Find out more and register to attend here.