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Director Jeff Shumaker Attends UN-Habitat Summit in Madrid

On June 29th, UN-Habitat tapped KPF Director of Urban Planning Design Jeff Shumaker to speak at their latest forum in Madrid, Spain. As part of the organization’s New Urban Agenda, the event gathered a mix of elected officials and invited experts of a number of topics, from planning and design to livability and equity.

With deep experience in the public and private sectors, Jeff Shumaker used New York City as a case study to stress the importance of innovation within the realm of planning and urban design. His presentation included some of KPF’s most complex endeavors, like Hudson Yards and Red Hook Houses, alongside past projects from his tenure as Chief Urban Designer for the NYC Department of City Planning.

As a major player in one of the largest cities in the world, Shumaker has earned a spot on UN-Habitat’s list of “renowned experts.” He presented before Jan Gehl, renowned Danish architect and urban designer, who delivered the keynote speech. The program’s location also attracted elected officials from Madrid and Barcelona, rounding out a distinctly international event.  

The UN-Habitat initiated the New Urban Agenda following its adoption at last year’s Habitat III conference in Quito, Ecuador.  Habitat III, formerly known as the UN Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development, was the first global summit in 20 years to convene the international community and take stock of fast-changing urban trends. With this new agenda, delegations from all over the world established a framework for city planning and management that to best promote sustainable urbanization. These 17 Sustainable Development Goals will drive the New Urban Agenda’s implementation in the future.

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