One Vanderbilt © Raimund Koch

Darina Zlateva presents at the Building Centre in London

Darina Zlateva demonstrates the terracotta panel created at the ACAW

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Darina Zlateva Presents Ceramic Innovations in Architecture

On January 30th, the Senior Associate Principal presented at the event “Tales from New York: Experimental Ceramics for Architecture” at the Building Centre in London.

Zlateva presented alongside Andy Brayman of The Matter Factory in New York, Matt Taberski of Boston Valley Terracotta in New York, and Lex Harrison of ARUP London. This event brought together international speakers to explore how ceramic innovations, developed during research workshops, are translated into live architectural projects.

Drawing from her experience at the Architectural Ceramic Assemblies Workshop (ACAW) – an annual event facilitated by University at Buffalo School of Architecture and Planning, and Boston Valley Terracotta – Zlateva discussed experimentations in glazing and fabrication, which influenced terracotta work on KPF-designed One Vanderbilt.

A Harvard graduate with over ten years’ experience working on international projects, Zlateva is the senior designer of One Vanderbilt, set to become the tallest office tower in Midtown Manhattan. Completing later this year, the project uses high-performance terracotta ceramics throughout its façade in homage to the materiality of neighboring Grand Central Terminal.

This event was part of the “Hand Held to Super Scale: Building with Ceramics” exhibition and public program curated by the Building Centre exhibitions team and Fettle Studio. Learn more here.