Cobus Bothma Presents Digital Twins to Students at Cornell University

Cobus demonstrated how KPF is embedding digital twins in the design process to enable faster analysis through simulation and predictive modelling before construction.

In a talk that encompassed design, structures, analysis and visualisation, Cobus explained how KPF’s Applied Research department is looking at the potential for automating traditionally time-consuming analysis, for example a virtual smoke probe in a virtual wind tunnel (see video above). The simulation features AZCA Gateway, a Madrid office building with a central atrium and wind chimneys that provide ample daylight and airflow. A circular staircase offers an alternative to the lift, leading to the roof where occupants can enjoy a generous roof garden.

Cobus was joined by American software engineer and expert in computer graphics, Eric Haines. The talk was attended by Donald Greenberg, Jacob Gould Schurman Professor of Computer Graphics and students in his classes.