The AIA Conference on Architecture and Design took place June 5-8 in Washington, DC.

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Carlos Cerezo Davila Presents on Energy Modeling at the AIA Conference on Architecture and Design

KPF’s Environmental Design Director was joined by an energy modeler and a MEP engineer to share insight into how architects can better leverage outside expertise to produce more efficient, higher performing buildings.

The June 7 panel, titled “Architect, Energy Modeler, and Mechanical Engineer Go into a Bar” demystifies the process of collaborating with energy modelers and MEP engineers to drive sustainable design. Led by Carlos; Alejandra Menchaca, Principal of AIRLIT Studio; and Jacob Knowles, Chief Sustainability Officer at BR+A Consulting Engineers, this interactive session helped architects overcome common barriers to taking full advantage of the energy modeling process.

Too often, parsing through an energy modeling report can be tedious and fruitless, and understanding which design variables most influence HVAC design can be overwhelming. Neither should be. In this workshop, architects discovered how to get actionable outcomes from the modeling process, identify common misconceptions about the modeling process, understand how the modeling scope can be structured, and identify hurdles that may challenge communication with the energy modeler and engineering team.

Learn more about the panel here.