Event poster, courtesy of AIA Detroit.

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Brandon Pachuca Participates in AIA Detroit co.de.D

On April 6, the KPF Urban Data Analyst joined the “Does your Design Team Need a Software Developer?” webinar.

Brandon presented KPF’s digitization approach and shared how these methods compare to the industry. The panel covered how the industry is adapting to digitization, expectations for employees to learn to code, and development tactics. Brandon was joined by Sandeep Ahuja, Co-founder of cove.tool, and Dongyeop Lee, Co-lead of Computational Design of SmithGroup. The panelists showcased the range of digital design technology integration into architectural practice.

The co.de.D (Computational Design Detroit) webinar is in partnership with AIA Detroit Technology In Architectural Practice and took place on April 6th at 6pm. Register here.