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Brandon Pachuca Demonstrates Capabilities of Rhino Compute

At an event hosted by McNeel Europe, the KPF Urban Data Scientist and Web Developer explored how the software can be used by designers to perform spatial analytics and modeling.

Two employees from McNeel Europe, the developer of the platform, hosted the one-hour workshop to cover the ways Rhino API can help participants connect 3D modeling and spatial data. The three used New York City tax lot data as a case study to teach attendees one of the ways Rhino can improve their practice.

As part of the KPF Urban Interface (KPFui) team, Brandon leverages emergent technologies to augment the firm’s architectural practice. He has a background in architecture and urban planning, recently speaking at NYC Open Data Week to present Block Party, a platform he co-founded to help New Yorkers engage with local policymaking.

The “Leveraging Rhino Compute for Spatial Analytics” webinar was held on Thursday, March 24 at 11:00 AM ET. Watch the full webinar here.