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Andy Christoforou Presents ArchiTech Network Pecha Kucha

On May 15, the Senior Applied Technology Specialist participated in the event “The Rise of Game Engines and Beyond,” sharing his expertise leveraging Unreal Engine, VR, and cloud technologies to run large-scale architectural projects and district plans.

The event, held in collaboration with 3DNY and sponsored by Epic Games and MSI, is ATN’s second of the year and promotes collaboration, networking, and knowledge sharing about architecture and technology. Experts from across the AEC industry shared case studies that showcase strategies, tools, and technologies in practice, speaking in the Pecha Kucha format about a range of topics including game engines, immersive media, and visualization.

Andy discussed KPF’s use of Unreal Engine, VR, and cloud technologies to visualize Google’s Downtown West mixed-use, transit-oriented plan in San Jose. He was joined by Evan Buxton of Neoscape; James Falconer of The Boundary; Derek Chan of Red Leaf; Dorian Vee of Imerza; Mengyi Fan of SHoP Architects; Ahmad Tabbakh of BIG Architects; Max Medina of LAVA; Jackie Martinez, Dimitri Karopoulos, and Claire Laurence of Snohetta; and Keyan Rahimzadeh of Formulate.

The event was held at BIG’s New York office, with presentations starting at 7 pm, followed by networking. Archi-Tech Network is a collective of practicing architects sharing knowledge around the intersection of architecture, technology, and entrepreneurship. Learn more here.