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Andy Christoforou and Sharel Liu Discuss Digital Innovation with D5 Render

On June 20, the Senior Applied Technology Specialist and the Design Technology Intern co-hosted a webinar titled “Shaping the Future: KPF’s Innovation Transformation with D5 and AI.”

As high-quality visualization becomes a priority for architects, designers, and their clients, tools like D5 Render have become increasingly beneficial, offering several integrated features and AI capabilities.

In this 30-minute webinar hosted with D5 Render, Andy and Sharel dove into the latest industry trends in digitalization and explained how firms can harness new technology. Discussing how KPF has integrated D5 Render into project workflows, they elaborated on the firm-wide benefits it provides. By adopting this cutting-edge technology, KPF has equipped the firm with internal rendering capabilities, saving time and resources.

Beginning their presentation at 12 pm, Andy and Sharel shared insider knowledge on using this real-time 3D rendering software to elevate visualization outputs. At an event earlier in the month, Andy and Sharel compared D5 Render to other visualization tools, highlighting how it balances output quality and efficiency.

Learn more about the webinar here.