A visual from Andy and Joe’s presentation.

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Andy Christoforou and Joe Brennan Present at NVIDIA GTC AI Conference

At the annual conference hosted by the artificial intelligence computing company, leaders from KPF’s Design Technology team discussed interdisciplinary methods for computational design.

Andy, Applied Research: Project Innovation Manager, and Joe, Senior Computational Designer, presented “Visualizing the Future” at the GTC conference. Their session presented a real-world case study of how Omniverse was leveraged for advanced visualization in conjunction with performative environmental analysis. This allowed the team to provide the client with design iterations that fulfilled aesthetic and environmental requirements in dynamic, integrated environments. By combining the strengths of Omniverse and performative environmental analysis, the team achieved a holistic understanding of the project’s requirements. Attendees learned how to utilize real-time rendering and computational design practices enhanced by Omniverse.

The NVIDIA GTC AI Conference and Expo took place from March 18 to 21 at the San Jose Convention Center in California, with availability to attend talks virtually. KPF was one of only two architecture firms to be represented in the presentation lineup at the conference. Learn more here.