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Andrew Klare Contributes Bench Design to FISU World University Games in Chengdu, China

The KPF Design Director drew inspiration from Chengdu’s surrounding landscape and the Games’ spirit of gathering to inform the “Energy of Chengdu” bench design.

To commemorate the 31st FISU World University Summer Games, organizers in Chengdu invited international design professionals and artists to create works to be placed in major greenways and public spaces throughout the city, adding to the spirit of celebration during the 2021 games. Designers were encouraged to incorporate the spirit of Chengdu and the concepts of greenspace, wisdom, vitality, and sharing in their works.

While the 2021 Summer Games were postponed until next year due to concerns about COVID-19, Andrew’s “Energy of Chengdu” was exhibited at the KPF-designed Chengdu IFS. The design of the bench is a closed ring, encouraging visitors to gather and experience a moment together. Drawing material inspiration from Chengdu’s bamboo forests, bamboo plywood materials were layered and cut into the organic curving form using a CNC machine, then painted to display the event’s colors and branding. ‘The outline of the mountains around Chengdu is interpreted as undulating lines. Another important element is the curve of the river. In this work, you can see the balance and fusion of the two,’ Andrew said of the piece.

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