At Carriage Hall, a Grade II-listed historic building, the enclosure of the large central space with a minimally detailed skylight created a show-stopping atrium and additional retail space as well as reducing energy use.

A central component in the Bermondsey Project masterplan, Building F is a former biscuit warehouse, constructed in the 1970s. This is being reimagined to create a mixed-use hub and the project team is being challenged to provide innovative design solutions to minimise embodied carbon through the building’s lifecycle.

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Alex Miller Participates in a Think Tank on the Adaptive Reuse of Historic Buildings

KPF Senior Associate Principal, Alex joined a discussion with conservation professionals on the challenges of retrofitting London’s rich stock of historic buildings, to improve environmental performance without compromising heritage value.

A recent survey of built environment professionals, reported in NLA’s Zero Carbon London report, rated retrofit as the solution that would have the biggest impact in addressing the climate emergency – both to extend their life and reduce their energy consumption. The need for continued education about the use of new technology and concentration on flexible, adaptive buildings was identified.

KPF has a large portfolio of retrofit projects in London that address operational and embodied carbon challenges. At Carriage Hall a dramatic new skylight over a central courtyard reduced the external surface area of the building, reducing energy use without needing to upgrade the historic fabric of the internal facades. In Bermondsey, the transformation of Building F, a former biscuit factory, will create a mixed-use hub and meet ambitious embodied carbon targets.

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