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520 Fifth Avenue Launches Sales in New York

Today, Rabina, the developer of the KPF-designed mixed-use tower, announced the launch of residential sales, introducing 100 new condominiums to the Midtown neighborhood.

At 1,000 feet tall, the project will be the tallest residential tower on Fifth Avenue. The upper 40 stories offer one- to four-bedroom units as well as a residents-only amenity space on the 88th floor with a glass-walled solarium, lounge, dining room, library, and game room. These amenities complement Moss, a member’s club that delivers best-in-class hospitality in partnership with an internationally renowned restaurateur, recreation, athletics, and wellness.

In the announcement, Rabina President Josh Rabina said, “520 Fifth Avenue is the expression of our long-held belief that real luxury is about connection and community. Our world-class team has created beautiful and highly serviced spaces throughout the building that create opportunities to rejuvenate and relax, but also to engage, to learn and to connect.”

Providing insight into the team’s approach, KPF President and Design Principal James von Klemperer said, “Our design for 520 Fifth Avenue places residential and office space above a club function within a 1000-foot-tall tower. This synergistic mix of uses is configured as a bundle of slender volumes that reach skyward…The building steps back following the zoning envelope, echoing Hugh Ferris’ architectural visions of 1920s New York. The massing is further articulated by arched window modules inspired by neighborhood landmarks, including Grand Central Terminal, the New York Public Library and the adjacent Century Association. These arches convey a sense of warmth well suited to the welcoming character of spaces within the building.”

Read the full announcement here.