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Our Commitment

At KPF, we appreciate that the built environment plays an integral role
in the health and performance of both social and ecological systems.

As a global practice, we consider it our duty to design lasting architectural solutions that mitigate their lifecycle impact on environmental resources and that protect and enhance the wellbeing of the communities they serve.

Given our escalating climate crisis, we believe it is imperative to design and advocate for resilient architectural solutions that minimize both operational and embodied GHG emissions, and which push the boundaries of their cultural, economic, and political context. For that reason, we have joined AIA, RIBA, and many of our peers in a joint effort to develop the capabilities to design and deliver carbon neutral buildings by 2030, which can embody the goals we need to achieve as a society.

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麦迪逊大道390号项目设计保留70% 以上的现有结构,而非是全部拆除并利用新材料重建。这种的大刀阔斧的重新设计使位于纽约市中心廊道核心区的这栋过时的写字楼实现华丽转身,步入现代化轨道。


Drawing on our global network, we take an evidence-based approach to design, developing measurable performance goals with our clients and consulting partners, defined above any one local code or certification system. With the support of our in-house environmental performance modeling team, KPFep, and our data and digital practice experts, we design using an integrated workflow in which form, envelope, and systems are optimized from building concept to operation, resulting in sustainable, resilient, and healthy structures and spaces.

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This mission extends beyond our project work to our own campus and community as we endeavor to achieve operational carbon neutrality by minimizing our energy, water, and waste impact and investing in the World Wildlife Fund's Climate Crowd and Alliances for Climate Action programs. This institutional effort is paired with developing the environmental expertise of our staff through education, knowledge exchange, and awareness programs. Our objective is to serve, through both design and practice, as responsible stewards of our planet.